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Judges' Seminar on Evidence and Real Estate Law

In September 2014, the International Judicial Academy conducted a Seminar on Evidence and Real Estate Law for fifteen judges and justice administrators from Beijing City, People’s Republic of China. The Program featured lectures and presentations on rules of evidence in the U.S. courts, real estate law, and scientific evidence.

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IJA is now on Twitter

The International Judicial Academy is pleased to announce that now has a Twitter account where you can keep track of IJA activities and programs.

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IJA President Teaches Joint Seminar for International Law Institute

In August 2014, Dr. James G. Apple, President of the International Judicial Academy, taught a joint seminar on Judicial Court, and Case Management for Judges and Court and Case Administration for Court Administrators for the International Law Institute. A group of 7 Judges and Court Administrators from Nigeria, Uganda and The Philippines participated in the program.

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